“Things kept lining up for us. We worked a few blocks from each other, so it was easy to meet up for lunch. He let me set the pace for everything. I had gotten so used to working incredibly hard to keep my marriage together, I had no idea that a relationship could just flow. We were so grateful to have found one another that we treasured any spare moment we could get.”

That’s not to say that Crystal and David haven’t had their challenges. “I had to work hard to undo a lot of the damage my rocky marriage had caused… My ex was a challenge, as well, and I learned how set my boundaries with him, something I hadn’t done in the past. I made sure to let my ex know that he was always going to be Jack’s dad and no one could take his place, and I think that helped. When he started dating someone else, that was an even bigger help!”

Most recently, she and David hit another roadblock. “David and I are trying to conceive, and we’re both anxious about how things will change with another child. David is worried about shortchanging Jack when he becomes a biological father, but he’s also concerned that sometimes I coddle Jack, who has a lot of fears about being alone. For example, Jack wants me to be near him when he uses the bathroom or goes into his bedroom to play. David wants to encourage Jack to be more independent, but I worry about pushing him too hard.”

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