SD-WAN solution 1

This is also the architecture of the Aruba SD-Branch, and highlights the relationship between the branch gateway of the branch office and the Headend Gateway, as well as the respective equipment models. The upper part of the picture is the environment where the company headquarters is located. The gateway is located in the data center here. At the same time, the ClearPass? policy management platform is also set up, and it plays the role of VPN Concentrator, which can centrally integrate and manage all VPN connections. . The lower part is the environment of the branch office and the overseas office. The external connection is handled by the branch network gateway, which can connect to the Internet and MPLS line at the same time. Internally, the branch network gateway is connected to Aruba's Wi-Fi. Base station, switch connection.

For branch office network deployment needs, Aruba Central also enhances application-level support such as SD-WAN, providing automated configuration settings, detailed traffic insights, and easy-to-use barriers.

For example, through Aruba's Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and a more intuitive action app, you can provide a mobile device to perform automatic login procedures, so that there is no technology. Background employees can also enjoy a plug-and-play experience in the branch office. For example, local personnel can scan the barcodes marked by the base station, switch or Branch Gateway device through the mobile app to perform related registration operations. Allowing the device to be enabled, reducing deployment time, without having to send a dedicated person to the local area, is just to help local users manually set up the network configuration, saving a lot of time and money. Read More; What is SD-WAN

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