SD-WAN Software Defines

However, the traditional router company's SD-WAN idea can't escape the big integration model, integrating the acquired product and technology stack into the previous router software. The advantage of this mode is that existing router users can quickly have SD-WAN functions. The disadvantage is that the product is easy to cover multiple code blocks and management frameworks. The real integration is very difficult, which is not conducive to the long-term reliability and continuity of the product. .

Operators have also actively participated in and deployed the SD-WAN market in recent years, somewhat similar to the layout of the cloud computing market in previous years. Operators have the natural advantage of network resources and hope to use the technology change period to transform their roles. In the SD-WAN market, operators have always occupied an important position, with a large number of high-quality backbone network resources, but relatively weak in software management and optimization capabilities, in order to meet customer SD-WAN diversification and differentiation needs, etc. The aspect has yet to be improved. In addition, operators need to weigh the impact of SD-WAN on traditional leased line network services.

However, operators can work intensively with SD-WAN product manufacturers on products, solutions and even business models, which will have an important impact on the SD-WAN market. Read More;

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