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Regardless of the OSI-based seven-layer protocol or the TCP/IP-based four-layer protocol, as long as the network-based problems are often layered. The wide area network (WAN) refers to various network resources used to connect a wide geographical area. It is divided into access, metro, and backbone networks from the perspective of operators, and connects users to applications from the perspective of Internet applications. The wide-area network is based on such different perspectives that evolved different SD-WAN solutions.

The first type of solution , the provider believes that the quality of the Internet-based WAN network is uncontrollable, and needs to use four to seven layers of application layer optimization to compensate, including TCP protocol optimization, application layer acceleration, data compression, data caching and other technologies. From the application level, the problem of large delay and high packet loss rate introduced during Internet network congestion or failure is alleviated.

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