and he doesn’t want to hold me back. He continues to call me daily, usually before bed and he will text me in the mornings be careful going to work cause the roads are icy etc. When he texts me, he addresses me as “Hi sweety”, “sweet dreams baby” etc., He told me not to make plans for next Sat night as he wants to take me out for my birthday and also help me buy new tires for my car as the gift. He texts me in the evenings and asks “what are you doing?” I don’t know if he is just curious or perhaps he wants to see if I have moved on or started going out. (its only been a week so I am nowhere near that point.)I am willing to give him all the space he needs but what confuses me is he said to remain friends, hang out, go out to eat etc. Is it really possible to be friends; if either one of us start dating another, I’m certain the new bf/gf will not approve of being friends with someone you share many feelings with. Is this just a cop out for him to get over the initial lonliness until he meets someone else? Is it better to cut off completely and move on or remain friends? We still will be seeing each other as we will be in the same dance class on Wednesday nights. I know we can be friendly but should we remain friends? My thought is he is using me to help fill the lonliness he is feeling now and then he will eventually dismiss me when he moves forward. Please help me to understand this as I am trying to avoid hurting again down the road when his life is back on track with someone else. What should I do?

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