Cherry, love this, I met a man totally unexpectedly, at a SCORE business meeting at the Library in NYC about: How To really start Your Own Business, The Nuts & bolts of it. I work at an auction house, as an art director and looking to make more $$ and he said during the lectrue that he was opening an Art Gallery with a friend. Everyone in the audience introduced themselves. He was one of 2 people I introduced myself to after the lecture exchanging biz cards. Strange thing to me was he is a contractor, and had NO business card, he's at least 55 and in his own biz for years, and wrote his info on the back of mine. The 3 of us left the lecture together and then he asked me "what I was doing now"? I told him, going to work, it was about NOON, and he asked if he could walk me there. I told him yes, cause it was not far. He started asking questions about me, and I got the fleeling he was interested, (I'm 5' & he wasn't very tall). We started to talk and I found out we both like to swim. :)) When we got to my office he said can I text you? and I thought HUH?? because I thought he was walking me there to see if we could do some biz. It's nyc, he's a complete stranger and my expereince with texting with men from has not been so great. I've met other men unexpectedly in Manhattan (who I found out were very married) and I should have qualified this right then, and asked him, but it happened too fast and I feel I TOTALLY screwed this up. I said, no, I prefer if you just call me or send me an e-mail and we'll figure something out. Then he said are you free tonight? But I had plans that night, so I said I had plans, just give me a call or send an e-mail, and we'll figure something out, I'd really like to get together. Then he asked if I would come out to Brooklyn and I said YES! he said this Saturday? and Isaid YES! then nothing happened…he never followed through. then I stuck my foot in my mouth and e-mailed him to show I was interested, to see if he would come forward, but it flatlined, he responded about the lecture, anyway it flatlined, any advice about how to possibly correct this?? I thought to myself,, wow, you really need work!!!~ you are sso sabotaging yourself. I have heard your lecture several times, what part of this don't I get? but my mind (head) was in an entirely different place when we met that morning. Should I tell hm the truth, or just forget it? Please advise if you can. sadly, Bette

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