SD-WAN has developed

SevOne? will extend its SD-WAN monitoring service support to VMware NSX through VeloCloud?. SevOne? launched a service based on its data platform technology earlier this year. Its SD-WAN monitoring provides network services through the enterprise's multi-tenant SD-WAN.

The enhanced SevOne? solution, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter, will provide the foundation for real-time and historical visibility for enterprise and service provider networks. MSP can easily scale the solution to achieve visibility into the entire service delivery path, from enterprise campus Wi-Fi to branch offices, software-defined data centers, and more. With the ability to create custom KPIs based on specific tenants, WAN paths and multi-vendor SD-WAN health metrics, MSP network operations and engineering teams now have a deeper understanding of running network services.

"Across MPLS-based services and complex services based on SD-WAN, you need to be able to easily view and access detailed performance data," said Jim Melvin, senior vice president of marketing and enterprise development at SevOne?. "By supporting VMware's NSX SD-WAN, the SevOne? SD-WAN monitoring solution enables customers to understand the services that run on the most complex infrastructures and then extend their visibility across the network to meet quality standards." VeloCloud? The VMware NSX SD-WAN provides bandwidth extensions and direct access to enterprise and cloud applications and data. It also supports the insertion of virtual services internally and in the cloud while significantly improving operational automation, "VMware VeloCloud? Business Unit Senior Director Product Management Steve Woo said Read More;

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