alternative SD-WAN architectures

Companies are now using more wide area network (WAN) bandwidth for online collaborative operations (Skype for Business, WebEx?, O?ce 365), increasing the use of software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and cloud services, and Use applications with large bandwidth requirements. These challenges are difficult to overcome because of the inherent complexity, cost, and static architecture of traditional WANs.

VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloudTM enables enterprises to support application growth, network flexibility, visibility, and simplified branch office implementations, while providing an optimized way to store any type of network traffic. Take cloud services, data centers and business applications.

Deploying VeloCloud?-based SD-WAN has two major benefits for the enterprise:

Reduce costs: Enterprises no longer need to lease expensive leased line bandwidth for business growth. They only need to use the original dedicated line bandwidth, and other low-cost network access such as broadband, LTE, etc. can achieve better performance.

Guaranteed performance: With VeloCloud?'s optimization of the WAN, the user experience of employees using video conferencing, SalesForce? and other applications is greatly improved. Read More;

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