One of the principles of the SD-WAN solution is to provide redundancy by multiple links. In order for this capability to be effective, service providers need to promote link path independence as much as possible and ensure that the cloud endpoints of these SD-WAN links are sufficiently redundant. This means that a single provider should not provide all of the "last mile" infrastructure. In addition, many SD-WAN implementations will use 4G/LTE links, and if the service provider is not yet a mobile operator, it will need to work with the mobile provider.

  At the same time, service providers will be forced to provide rapid connectivity to popular public clouds as part of their SD-WAN offering. This means they either work with Equinix, Digital Realty and other exchange point providers, or they must negotiate transactions directly with the main public cloud.

  All of this means increasing the ability of service providers to collaborate, and their sales teams need to be good at selling bundled links, not just typical VPN-L2 or L3 products. This also means that service providers need to be smarter in cloud connectivity solutions to turn them into virtual private clouds in popular public clouds. Education and training for sales and operations teams will be a key factor in the success of SD-WAN.

  System integrators will rise

  System integrators are expected to accelerate their pace in 2019 and bring managed SD-WAN products to market. In addition to some large enterprises that may choose to run their own SD-WAN global services, many small and medium-sized businesses want to get hosting services. System integrators can also provide products across service providers and create custom portals and workflows that are required for specific businesses.

  Some companies may prefer system integrators rather than individual service providers because they are unaware of service providers. System integrators have the flexibility to choose the best connectivity options from multiple service providers while building an SP-agnostic infrastructure for cloud-based management systems. They will also have more software development capabilities to customize or extend the necessary SD-WAN portals to meet specific business needs. Read More;

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